The Treasured Ones March 2014 Update

I made an informal New Years resolution to blog more, yet here we are almost two months into 2015, and it feels like ages since I’ve posted words on this space. The silence has partly been because of a season of real struggle to understand God’s purpose in events that have occurred. Partly because my computer has been breaking off and on. Partly because I needed a little while to only share my thoughts and emotions with God and close friends. But now I feel ready to share more on my little corner of the internet.

There are incredible stories of healing in my medical sponsorship treasures that I would like to share.
There are lessons God is teaching me.
There are visions of the future.
There are dreams of expanding my family.
There are moments with Ellie.
There are experiences on the journey of opening the foster home.
There is so much that I desire to write and post, and Lord willing, that will be starting now.

To start it off I would like to update you all on each of The Treasured Ones programs:

Medical Sponsorship– We have had 7 children go through our sponsorship program: 4 children with hydrocephalus have received life saving shunt surgery (just 2 of the 4: Bright & Ronald), and 3 children with orthopedic needs (bowed legs & clubbed feet) have been seen by specialists and are on their way to recovery. I will be sharing more stories of these sweet kiddos soon. Thank you to all those who donated towards their medical costs!


Community Outreach– One of highlight of the last few months for me was giving out wheelchairs through Joni and Friends Wheels for the World. We were fortunate to be able to bless 8 children with pediatric wheelchairs and a bible, but more importantly, the message that their child is not cursed or wicked, but a perfect and beloved child of God. I can’t wait to do another wheelchair outreach soon!


KCH Inclusive School– We opened the expansion of the school in September and welcomed in 30 special needs students to come alongside our 150+ mainstream students, pre school to primary grade 5. We added more special needs teachers to round out the staff at 13. We refurbished and opened the Special Needs Resource Center. We purchased a bus and went out into the community to find more special needs children who have never attended school before. Our school is exploding and everyone is in joyful bliss about it. In the next few months we will be creating IEP (individual education plan) for each child to track progress and figure out how we can help our children in every aspect of their lives- academic, mental, physical, emotional, spiritual. [Sponsors, watch your inbox for an update about your child with tons of cute photos!]


Foster home– Right now we are steps away from being recognized by the Ghanaian government as an official NGO, and then will start the process of licensing our home as a legal foster home for children with special needs. After reevaluating the requirements, and seeing that my current home would not qualify as a foster home due to space regulations, I decided to start looking for a bigger house to rent that would be closer to town, around the corner from the children’s hospital, and would be accessible by wheelchair. I love house hunting and the thought of decorating a new house is exciting! We currently have custody of Shadrach, who is doing well and settled in nicely, and he will move with us once a new house is chosen. Please be praying that God provides the perfect house soon, that our staff of nannies & nurses are hired and trained, and that the future children in our home are kept safe and protected, wherever they currently may be. I can’t wait to soon open our doors to so many treasures, whether they are with us short term, or the rest of their lives.

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The Treasured Ones Interns Needed!

I am so excited to finally announce that we have launched The Treasured Ones Internship Program and have opened the application process!

We are looking for interns in the following categories:

  • physical therapists (to work in foster home & school)
  • speech therapists (to work in foster home & school)
  • occupational therapists (to work in foster home & school)
  • media/photography/film
  • Special Needs Foster Home (help assist nannies in feed/bathe/care for our children, doing activities & games with them)
  • KCH Inclusive Primary School (help assist teachers in the classroom & work at our special needs resource center)

 The cost of the internship is $400 USD per month which covers:

  • Pick up and drop off at the airport
  • Bus to Kumasi and back to Accra at end of internship
  • Accommodation in intern house
  • Breakfast & dinner 7 days a week

Not included:

  • Round trip flights
  • Medications, malaria pills, vaccination
  • Internet
  • Phone & calling credit
  • Lunch
  • Snacks, drinks, meals out etc

Internship length is 1-3 months, decided by the intern and discussed with me. Internships may begin after May 2015.

I am praying that God stirs some of your hearts to apply for our internships and come and work with us in Ghana. I would love people to come and be His hands & feet to serve the special needs treasures of Ghana with me!

If you are interested in learning more, or getting an internship application, please email

Caleb_Photographs-10 Caleb_Photographs-129 Caleb_Photographs-31

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one year.

365 days ago I checked in my bags at the British Airways counter at Chicago O’Hare, hugged my family goodbye, ate my last American meal, and boarded a flight with a one way ticket in hand.

[Read my blog post from the day I left. And arriving in Ghana. And about the crazy flight journey to get there. And how I got horribly sick when I arrived.]

IMG_7658 IMG_7666 IMG_7669 IMG_7672IMG_7663

If I said stepping onto that plane was scary, it would be a vast understatement. It was terrifying. I was 20, in the middle of my college degree, living in Chicago, and settling up a comfortable life for myself in America.
But when God calls, you swallow the huge lump in your throat, and say “yes” to the path He is laying out for you. Even if that means selling everything you own to move 6,000+ miles across the ocean without any solid plan for what you will do when you get there.

So, through joy-filled tears, that’s what I did.

And here we are one year later.

The fact that I’ve been living in Ghana for a whole year baffles me. Time has moved so quickly, yet so painfully slow too. I could never, ever have imagined all that would happen in my first year. Lots of laughter, lots of tears. The highest of highs, along with the lowest of lows. Paths radically redirected. New doors opened. Chapters slammed shut. Hellos and goodbyes. Blessings. Joys. Heartache. Loss. Hope. There are no words to describe it all. There’s so many stories I have’t told. Stories of the most painful heartache, and stories of abundant rejoice. So many moments that are kept deep inside my heart. Moments of weakness, and moments when I knew life from then onwards would never be the same. These 365 days have held a lot. Maybe sometime soon I’ll be able to process it all a bit and explain more. Right now I’m still in the thick of it. Trying to sort through all that’s happened in the last year. [You can see some highlights from the year in the 2014 in review post.]

IMG_8392 Today begins year two of living in Ghana. The Treasured Ones is expanding at a rapid rate. My baby girl is growing like a weed and surprising the doctors & therapists daily. We are putting one foot in front of the other and pressing on in Jesus name. We will continue to walk down the path God has laid out, no matter how difficult. We will keep finding joy in the little moments. We will make it. We will endure and persevere. And in the journey, we will be showered with endless grace, love, mercy, and new beginnings.

Here’s to year two!


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2014 in Review


[January 7, 2014]
[Said goodbye to parents, brothers, family, and friends to pack suitcases and move across the ocean on a one way ticket]


[January 12, 2014]
[Moved into my four bedroom house and having no idea who or what would fill it]


[January 28, 2014]
[Turned 21 in a village and celebrated with hundreds of new little friends]


[American friends visited all throughout the year]

Processed with VSCOcam IMG_0113Caleb_Photographs-33IMG_8537

[February 24, 2014]
[Met my future daughter Ellie & her twin brother for the first time (I had NO idea what was in store for us!)]

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[March 6, 2014]
[Reunited with my Little Boy in Blue, my first inspiration to found The Treasured Ones]


[March 8, 2014]
[We met through Instagram. She committed to be in Ghana for 9 months with an eye care NGO. Jamen moved to Ghana in October. I in January. We met for the first time in Accra. We became best friends & Ghana sisters. And the rest is history]


[March 14, 2014]
[Having my Atonsu kiddos for a sleepover]


[April 2014]
[One of our many weekend slumber parties filled with ice cream, Jesus, & soul talks]


[April 30, 2014]
[Met Ronald for the first time after God directed me to him. 24 hours later his $2,000 USD shunt surgery was funded in full. He received surgery a few months later]


[May 4, 2014]
[My son, Ellie’s twin brother was suddenly & unexpectedly called Home to be with Jesus while I was in the process of getting custody of him]


[June 20, 2014]
[Officially announced that I was founding The Treasured Ones]


[June 25, 2014]
[Served as a Short Term Missionary at Joni and Friends International Family Retreat and met some of the sweetest friends & children]


[July 12, 2014]
[Flew to America for a one month visit and was surprised big time in California]


[July 13th, 2014]
[My soul sisters and best friends threw Ellie and I a baby shower in California]


[August 7th, 2014]
[Portia & Kwabena moved in and became the first beneficiaries of The Treasured Ones Foster/Rehab Home]


[August 26th, 2014]
[Ellie Grace, my beloved daughter, came home forever]


[September 3, 2014]
[We stood before a judge and she granted me legal guardianship of Ellie]

[September 2014]
[KCH Inclusive Primary School officially welcomed 30 children with special needs into the school, adding to over 150 students in total]


[September 22, 2014]
[We welcomed Shadrach to The Treasured Ones Foster Home]


[October 9th, 2014]
[Light for Children Education Center officially opened]


[October 11th, 2014]
[Partnered with Joni and Friends Wheels for the World to give custom pediatric wheelchairs to 11 children]


[October 18th, 2014]
[Ellie continues to surprise all doctors by making huge strides in her development]


[December 2014]
[We open the Special Needs Resource Center at KCH Inclusive School complete with art room, physical therapy room, computer lab and store]


[December 24th, 2014]
[Ellie’s first Christmas]


[December 25th, 2014]
[Ellie home for 4 months & celebrating our first holidays as a family of 2]

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Merry Christmas from Ghana!

Wishing you a merry & bright holiday season filled with laughter, love, and warmth.

rebecca, ellie grace, shirley, blessing & shadrach

christmas 2014 from Rebecca Kuntz on Vimeo.

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Thoughts on Motherhood [Inside Out]

Over three months ago, Ellie Grace came home. And life has not been the same since. I was thrown into instant motherhood through adoption, a blessing and a calling I have been dreaming about for years. I thought I knew what I was getting myself into, but really I had no idea.

Motherhood guts you from the inside out. Fully. Completely. Totally rips your heart apart. When Ellie came home I knew I would watch her be transformed by love, but little did I know that I would be going through a major transformation as well.

Motherhood reveals the deepest, darkest, most ugly parts of your heart. When it’s 3am and the moon is shining bright, and you are wide awake with a screaming child who refuses to sleep, your first response isn’t to react with patience and understand. It’s easier to become frustrated and have a short temper. You say mean things and use strong words. You pace back and forth thinking of your wrongdoings of the day. You question your ability to parent and wonder what the heck you are doing. The ugly and the nasty parts of your heart surface in those moments and you live minute by minute. In those moments you have two choices, let those ugly heart parts continue to saturate your actions and thoughts, or pray for God to change them.

For the first few weeks of Ellie being home, I chose the first option. Ellie had a rocky transition due to extreme trauma and severe malnutrition. She had a very difficult time sleeping and eating, which caused me to become frustrated easily. My temper would be short and my fuse would be hot. I was exhausted in almost every minute of the day. I wouldn’t necessarily get mad at her, but the circumstances and situations I was facing. And the nasty parts of my heart would creep their way to the surface. I would feel guilty because of the way I reacted, which would affect my mood even further. “Mom guilt” is very very real. I felt negativity constantly buzzing around me and was not the happiest person to be around.

Then, I decided that I needed to chose the second option, to ask God to take the surfaced ugly parts of my heart and change them. In those moments when I was at the end of my rope, I chose to not react with frustration, but to cry out to God for help. For strength, and bravery, and energy to get through the long days and even longer nights. And over time, I felt my heart begin to change. I found myself having more patience than ever before, even when Ellie was refusing to eat more than a spoonful. I found myself speaking kind words, even when my head was pounding with annoyances. I found myself holding Ellie close and gazing deep into her eyes under the moonlight, even when she would wake up 15 times a night. My words changed, my actions changed, my relationships changed. When you ask God to take over every piece of your heart, He will. And He will surprise you with that He does. He took the ugliest corners of my heart and flipped them upside down. The hardened, sin soaked parts of my heart are being softened and molded into new paths to Him. His grace is given freely…but only if you accept it.

Ellie Grace, you have no idea the ways you are changing my life.



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KCH Inclusive Primary School [Special Needs Resource Center]

I’m so excited to give you a peek inside our Special Needs Resource Center at KCH Inclusive Primary School! Because we recently had a new classroom block built to house our ever growing school, we decided to turn the old classrooms into a resource center for our special needs kiddos. Thanks to your generous donations, we were able to paint the inside & outside of the building, put in new windows, cement the floor, lay colorful flooring, build cabinets and round tables, stock the supply room for the year, buy new chalkboards, and purchase physical therapy mats and supplies.  Our Special Needs Resource Center consists of a physical therapy room, an art/vocational training room, computer lab (we currently don’t have any computers…in need of laptops!), a store to sell our artwork and crafts, and toilets.

Because we run inclusive education our special needs students are in their classroom for about half of the school day, learning right beside their mainstream peers. The other half of the day, they are in the Resource Center working on different actives. We have organized lessons teaching them life skills, such as tying shoes, zippering, washing hands, washing clothes, buttoning, basic hygiene, etc. We also do art lessons, fine motor skills workshops, multi sensory activities, free play, music and dance. We do a lot of one on one and hand over hand instruction with them to assure they are receiving individualized attention and lessons as well. Our kids don’t ever want to leave the Resource Center at the end of the day because they are having so much fun!

Welcome to our Center!!


[Outside of the Special Needs Resource Center]


[Beautiful new paint job..thank you Canyon Community Church of the Nazarene in Corona, CA!]

IMG_9059 IMG_9065

[Art room]

IMG_9053 IMG_9054 IMG_9056

[Art room]

IMG_9057 IMG_9060 IMG_9061 IMG_9062 IMG_9063 IMG_9064 IMG_9066 IMG_9067 IMG_9069 IMG_9070

[Physical therapy room. Waiting on the delivery of parallel bars and more leather bound mats]

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I carry them.

The mothers in The Treasured Ones programs and I have an unspoken bond. A bond that can not be explained in words, but when our eyes connect, we know exactly what eachother is feeling. A type of bond that crosses all cultures and language where two hearts are instantly knit together.
We have a bond because we both have children with special needs.

I listen to mothers express the hardships of raising a special needs child in a country that views them as burdens, cursed, and sometimes not even humans.
I listen to their frustrations with the major faults of the medical system and when doctors refuse to even see their children.
I listen to their sadness when they explain that their communities have kicked them out, husbands have abandoned them, and they dread taking public transportation because of the insults people will throw at them.

I listen to them pour their hearts out about the struggles they face, and my heart is right there on the floor with theirs, because I go through it too. I go through it too.

I’ve had Ghanaians come up to me and question why I would want to adopt a child who is so flawed.
I’ve had countless people refuse to sit next to Ellie and I on a packed bus.
I’ve had horrible experiences with people who are supposed to be honest and fair medical professionals, but who act like heartless individuals.
I’ve had people make rude statements about how they don’t want their child to sit next to Ellie and I on the bus because they are afraid their child will catch Ellie’s “sickness”.
I’ve had fingers pointed at me, mean words said to me, and nasty glances shoved my way.

When I admit new children and families into our school, medical sponsorship program, or meet them on community outreach and I introduce my daughter Ellie Grace to them, they breathe a sigh of relief as if to say, “She gets it. She knows what we go through. She understands us”. And thats when the bond instantly forms. And they begin to trust me. Because I am not just saying that I understand what types of things they go through, they trust me because they know that I go through it too.

This does not make my ministry better than anyone else’s, but running a special needs ministry, and having a special needs child myself, brings the passion and dedication to a whole new level. Because when I work for more societal acceptance of children with special needs, I am not only working for their children, but mine too. For them, and for Ellie Grace.

I carry the mothers with me wherever I go. When someone on the bus or in a story asks about Ellie or says something mean, I take a breath and try to respond with grace and patience. I advocate and educate. I speak truth, life, and love over children with special needs in Ghana. I stand up for these mothers’ children, and for my own daughter Ellie Grace. Because all of these treasures are fearfully & wonderfully made. Precious, perfect, and lacking nothing. And I pray that the country and people of Ghana begin to see them in the same way.


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Ellie Grace [18 months]

IMG_8897Name: Ellie Grace
Age: 18 months
Weight: 14 lbs
Nicknames: Ellie baby, Ellie Bee, Sunshine, Gracie, Princess, Big girl, Ellie belly, Auntie Soso, Little one
Likes: Bath time, taking walks in the Ergo, standing, laughing at people, babbling, smiling 90% of the day, napping on momma, playing tricks on momma, hugging momma, anything and everything having to do with momma
Dislikes: Physical therapy, sitting by herself, darkness, and being with anyone besides her momma
Favorite toys: Mickey Mouse stuffed animal, Vtec kids computer, anything that makes noise or lights up
Favorite foods: Yogurt, mashed avacado, ice cream (a girl after my own heart), peanut butter



As of today, I have a one and a half year old! I still can’t wrap my mind around that. My girl came home two months ago and acted totally like a newborn, unable to engage, move, eat well, or sleep for long periods of time. Now, she is babbling, sitting straight up, and standing with assistance. She eats a lot, and only wakes up 1-3 times a night (it used to be 5-8!). She’s no longer a baby, even though she’s a tiny little peanut who only fits in 3 month clothes. She’s a growing little lady.

IMG_8862 IMG_8866IMG_8940 IMG_8868 IMG_8944IMG_8877

Dear daughter, 

Today, you turn 18 months old. A year and a half. I can’t believe that in six months you will be two years old. You have grown so big and strong and I am so proud of you. I am constantly in awe that out of everyone in the world, God chose us to be a family.

When you wake up in the morning, you are nothing but smiles. During the day, you are constantly laughing. When I tie you onto my back for you to fall asleep for the night, we walk to a mirror and when you see yourself on my back, all you can do is open your mouth wide and smile. You truly are the most joyful child.

My baby girl, I say it time and time again, but its the biggest blessing and honor to be your momma. People will say that you are lucky to have me because you were an orphan, but I don’t believe that one bit. We are lucky to have each other. Because I could not imagine life without you. We are a team. A mother daughter duo. You are my forever sidekick. We don’t go anywhere without each other.

You are brave. You are a warrior. You are strong. And you never, ever give up. I know the physical progress you’ve made in the last two months is only a beginning of an incredible journey of healing that we are on. I can’t wait to have a front row seat in continuing to watch God perform miracles.

Ellie Grace, my sunshine, you are so very loved. I loved you before I ever met you. I have been praying for my future children for years, and now, I know all those prayers were heard by our Father, because every single one of them was answered…with you. My beautiful daughter, you are God’s greatest gift to me, and there are never enough words to thank Him enough for giving me you.

I love you. Always and forever. To the moon and back, and more.




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Always gracious, Always attentive, Always loving

In the course of a week, I normally get at least 5, sometimes up to 10, phone calls about new cases special needs children who need help. Whether that be medical needs, wheelchairs, education related inquiry, or family assistance. My phone never stops ringing, and most days I want to turn it off completely in order to get even 5 minutes of free time. Here’s an example of a few of the cases I’ve been called about in the last two weeks:

  • Child is 4 years old with hydrocephalus. Can not walk, but can speak and has high cognitive function. Mother is being abused by husband, verbally and physically. Has two children, child with hydrocephalus, and a 3 year old. 3 year old attends school during the day, but mother cleans a nearby bar in the mornings to make money. Can’t take child with hydro to work with her, so she has to lock her inside their one room. Child cries and neighbors get angry at mother and tell her she needs to kill her child, or they will kick her out of the compound.
  • Child is 8 and has cerebral palsy and seizures. Child was born normally developing, and had major seizure at age 2, and has since not been able to walk, talk, or be independent. Husband kicked mother and child out of the house, saying that the mother was cheating on him with another man, which is why child had seizure and is now disabled. No place mother and child to go, and no job for mother.
  • Child is 7 and has Down Syndrome. Child attends our inclusive school and is excelling rapidly. Child comes crying to me one morning and mother calls to tell me child’s father has died, leaving the family with no support. Mother can’t find a job because her name has been spread in the community as having a disabled cursed child.
  • Child is 3 months and has many special needs due to medicine mother took while pregnant to try and abort him. Mother plans to kill child because of baby’s “curse”, and want to poison him immediately to rid the family of the evil.
  • Child is 9 months with progressing hydrocephalus. Family tried to do cultural medicine on the child to heal the child of the “curse”, and ended up injuring the child in the process. Child goes in and out of consciousness many times a day.

Five. Those are shortened versions of five cases that I got called about in the last two weeks. There are many, many more that I could share with you. These are just a few.

I will be the first one to tell you that this life and work it not easy. At all. Not one bit. There is nothing “simple” or “easy” about living in Ghana and working with special needs children. Every week I am bombarded with stories and situations like the five mentioned above. Many of the stories have overlapping themes: stigma, financial hardship, unsupporting spouses, unwelcoming community, medical emergencies, hopelessness, suffering children, joblessness, and a lot of struggle.

In all of this, its so easy for my heart to become hardened. It’s simpler to turn away from the situations rather than facing them head on. It’s less much less complicated to turn a blind eye, rather than working knee deep in the mess. It’s easier to pretend it isn’t happening. Because knowing that it is happening and not doing anything about it is seeing a problem and not working towards a solution. It’s seeing struggle and not reaching out your hand to help. It’s watching others suffer and saying, “It’s your problem, not mine”.

And if I’m being honest, thats what I want to do some days. I want to shut off my phone and take a few minutes to breathe and focus on my own personal needs, rather than constantly tending to the needs of others. But that my friends, is the ugly parts of my heart crawling their way to the surface. Because I didn’t move to Ghana to follow my own personal desires, I moved to Ghana to follow His desires for my life. To follow His plans. To pursue His calling for the time I have on earth. And that means not allowing my heart to harden in the process of hearing similar stories and situations over and over and over again. It means picking up every phone call and walking into every home visit with a clean, open, and welcoming heart. And not thinking, “what rendition of the story will I hear today?”, but “what is God trying to show me through this family’s situation, how can The Treasured Ones be off assistance to them, and how can I point them back to God in the process?” It means waking up everyday and saying “God, show me today how to be more like You, always gracious, always attentive, always loving”. 


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