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As many of you know I am embarking on my dream project in Ghana…an education center.

While Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a compulsory subject in Ghana, did you know that many children and youth never get the chance to learn basic computer skills through an actual computer? Kumasi has 241 primary and 204 junior high schools. 41 of these schools have computer laboratories and only one of these schools is able to provide internet connection for their students. Some schoolchildren write exams on ICT without even having the chance to touch an actual computer.

Our goal is to open a free computer and library centre for schoolchildren in Kumasi where volunteers can teach ICT for all the 10 cluster schools. The average size of each class is 35 students and each school will be sending 3 classes to attend to our program. The ages of the children participating in the program span 12 to 15. Each session is one hour long each student will receive one hour of training session. We hope to add a library component where children can come and hang out at the center and read books while waiting for their computer class to start or before/after school. The children love to read books in English but schools are not equipped with libraries.

Computer and internet access are directly related with poverty eradication and youth empowerment. There are 10 public basic schools within the catchment area. This project will pave the way to provide approximately 1,050 schoolchildren with better education and the tools to thrive in today’s hyper-connected environment.

How can you help?
1. Monetary- You can donate on our Global Giving page at:
You may also send checks made out to Rebecca Kuntz (Light for Children does not have a bank account in the US, therefore the money must go through me to cash the checks and bring them over there.)
β€œRebecca Kuntz
5332 Fair Elms Avenue
Western Springs, IL 60558″
2. Computers- We are looking to bring over the computers for the center because it will be cheaper than buying them there. We are looking for newer PC desktop computers that will be cargo shipped to Ghana.
3. Clothing and shoes- We are looking for all sizes and types of clothing; boys, girls, baby, newborn, infant, teenager, etc. All types of shoes as well; flip flops, kids shoes, tennis shoes, sandals, etc. The children in the village where I live wear whatever clothes they have, which is often one outfit for school and one outfit for home. Their clothes are almost always very tattered with lots of holes and the will make shoes out of whatever they have around the house.
4. Books- Half of the center will be a library for all the children of the area to come to and further their knowledge. Do you have any favorite children’s books? I am looking for donations of children’s books of all levels and for all ages. I will even include a sticker on the inside of the name and location of the person who donated the book!
5.Shop-I opened an online store with handmade African fabric headbands and more. 100% of proceeds go to funding the education center for my kids.
6. Support-
Not everyone can donate money or other items but support is just as important. Spread the word about this center and get others involved. Ask for clothing donations from your neighbors and friends who have children who are quickly outgrowing their clothes, forward this email to 10 of your friends and ask them to forward to 10 friends, share this post on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram get the word out about this amazing center and let’s get it built!

If you have any questions or want to donate please email me at or send all packages and mail to-
“Rebecca Kuntz
5332 Fair Elms Avenue
Western Springs, IL 60558”

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