Education Center Update [March 5th, 2014]

Where do I even begin with this Education Center update? Everyday something is new at the Center. Everyday more progress has been made. Everyday we are one step closer to opening. It’s so hard to keep up and keep everything straight, and then trying to condense the info to share with all of you!

So where are we right now?

The tile flooring is finished on both the computer lab and library, the window frames are being painted so the windows can be installed, the septic tank is finished and hooked up to the indoor plumbing, we have running water connected, the bookshelves are almost finished, the computer desks are done, the library tables are in progress, we are buying chairs tomorrow, and interior and exterior ceiling is complete.

So what else needs to be done before we can open the Center?

The interior and exterior walls need to be painted (can’t wait for you see the colors I picked out!!), flowers planted outside, tile for two outdoor verandas, interior doors and locks installed, electricity connected to transformer, toilets and sinks installed, all furniture brought in, walls decorated, computers installed, books shelved, art supplies organized, offices put together, and about a billion other little tasks that I’m forgetting at the moment.

Phew. That’s a whole lot of work summed up into two short paragraphs. 

The construction of the Center (minus furnishing and decorating) should be done by the end of next week (at the latest). We should have the keys to a completed Center by the end of next week. Wow. We are in the final steps of this year and a half journey of building the Education Center. The fastest and longest year and a half of my life.

It feels like just yesterday I was standing in the middle of an overgrown field covered in trash, dreaming about a computer lab and library and having no idea how it was going to happen. And now less than 16 months later I’m standing in the exact same spot, except now, on top of that swatch of earth is a solid foundation, strong concrete, and tile flooring. 16 months ago I was standing on weeds and plastic bags, and now I’m standing inside my office. I can’t count the number of fundraisers, donations, budgets, tears, struggles, I-want-to-give-up moments, jumps for joy, ontop-of-the-world experiences, and hard, hard work that it has taken to get to this place, standing inside my office. I still can’t fathom it all…and I was involved in it all, so I can only imagine what it’s like watching it all happen through your computer screen thousands of miles away.

I sat down yesterday crunching the numbers of the budget and adding up the remaining costs, and I am so excited to say that we are going to have just enough money to complete construction and furnish and decorate. Just enough. God always provides what is needed, and this Center is a complete testament to that. Thanks to very generous donors and some passionate fundraisers, we have enough to complete construction. The is only thing that isn’t included in that budget, but is one of the most important parts of the Center, is the computers. I have partnered with an incredible non profit who has very generously donated supplies, labor, software, and set-up for the 25 computers, but we must pay for the computers themselves. In the coming days I will be figuring out exactly how much I have to raise, and I’ll have less than a month to raise it all because they need to be installed and working before we open the Center. Stay tuned for more info!

Standing inside my office!

Standing inside my office!


Book shelves being built in the computer lab


100% custom bookshelves just for us!


Computer lab


Computer lab bathrooms…and our beautiful tile flooring!


Library side…flooring almost finished!


The dream.


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