House Tour [part 1]

Since everyone has been asking for more picture of my home I thought I should do a little 2-part tour of my quaint home here in Ghana. If you want to read about how I got this beautiful home, click here.

I moved into this house just days after I arrived in Ghana and since then it’s been a nonstop 2 months of renovations, painting, and decorating. I love making a house a home and have spent so much time trying to make this place a space of comfort, refuge, warmth, and love. Putting together a house in Ghana is not easy at all. There is no Target or IKEA. There isn’t a one-stop department store either. You end up going to 10 different places just to find the right sized bed frame. It is quite the exhausting adventure, but one I have really enjoyed.

As for the interior, there are 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, dining room, living room, kitchen, and pantry. Today I wanted to give you a tour of the dining room, kitchen, volunteer room, and volunteer bathroom. These are the most “finished” rooms in the house…although there is still a lot of work to be done.

Welcome to my home!Β 
IMG_8003[Dining room.
Don’t be fooled, my floors are NEVER this clean.
It just so happened that I had mopped the floors that morning.]

[Dining room looking into living room.
My living room is a total mess, just ignore it &
focus on the adorable handprints that friends painted!]


[Gratitude wall that is MUCH more full since this photo was taken.
Anybody that stays in my house gets their photo taken with my Poloroid camera
& goes up on the wall as well.
I LOVE watching this wall fill up with what we are thankful for.]

IMG_8012[Don’t you just love those gorgeous shelves? Handmade here in Kumasi!]

[I love when friends leave notes on the chalkboards around the house.]

IMG_8015 IMG_8017

[One of my favorite rooms in the whole house]

IMG_8019 IMG_8022

[Volunteer shower]


[Volunteer toilet]


[Volunteer sink]


[One of the 3 rooms for volunteers]


[The carpenter in my village did an incredible job with the bunk beds!]


[Pantry room off the kitchen]


[Adorable signs & the week’s verse]


[Don’t be fooled…we don’t have two fridges. The one on the left is broken.]


[When I painted the kitchen I didn’t have a ladder yet, so the top half of the walls are still the previous color!]


[Little touches that make this place feel like home]


[Where I’ve experimented with lots of meals, burned a few, and made some masterpieces]

Come back soon for part 2!!

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